About Ludotori Folk

The Ludotori Folk company was formed in Barcelona in 2005 by members of Irish folk group Los Stompers and has been bringing English through interactive Music and Dance workshops to the students of Catalonia and Valencia ever since.

It's continuing success is attested to by the many shows performed to students from Primary, Secondary and English Language schools and the enthusiasm with which it has been received by children and adults alike.

Some of the shows are based on cultural events in Ireland, England and the USA such as Saint Patrick’s Day or Thanksgiving while others are based on the musical styles of the countries in question such as Blues, Gospel, Soul, Jazz, Country and Celtic Music.

Students are invited to participate in and enjoy the process of learning English through music & dance in the authentic setting of live performance; singing along with the songs and joining in with the dances.

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The Ludotori Folk trail

Anem al Teatre Barcelona, IES Costa i Llobera, IES Escola del Treball, Escola Garbi, IES Baix Empordà, IES Josep Pla, IES Juan Manuel Zafra, IES Guinovarda, IES Montserrat, IES Pius Font i Quer, IES Escola Intermunicipal del Penedès, SES Sant Quirze de Besora, IES de La Sénia, Escola Regina Carmeli, IES Terra Alta, Escola Mestral, CEIP Josep Maria Xandri, CEIP Avenç, IES Manuel de Pedrolo, Macmillan, IES de Sabadell, Escola Grèvol, IES de Sales, IES Canigó, CIC Escola Idiomes, EOI La Seu d'Urgell, EOI del Garraf, EOI del Berguedà, EOI Santa Coloma, EOI Olot, EOI del Maresme, EOI Sant Cugat, EOI d'Osona, EOI de l'Alt Penedès, EOI Barcelona Vall d'Hebron, EOI Barcelona V - Sants EOI Barcelona III - Sant Gervasi, Anem al Teatre València...