How do I book a Ludotori Folk concert?

Send us an email with the name of the show you're interested in and the date you'd like us to come to your school, then we'll write back with our prices and availability.

Where do you perform and do you bring your own sound equipment?

We can perform in the schools theatre, gym or even in the playground if the weather is good and yes, we bring our own sound equipment.

Is there any limit to the amount of students at each show?

Although we recommend between 60 and 90 at each show there is no limit to the number of students.

How long is each show? How much time do you need to set up?

Each show is an hour long and we need about an hour of setting up time.

What happens during the show?

During a typical Ludotori Folk concert we get the students to sing with us, clap their hands and stamp their feet to the rhythms of the music. We also explain a little about our instruments and the songs as well as some of the historical background of the style of music we are playing - and it's all in English!

I see you have dancers, wiil there be a chance to learn some dances?

The following shows have the option of having our dancers Polin & Valeria teach the students Irish or American Folk dancing:

Do you have any material for the students to work on in class before the show?

When you book one of our shows we'll send you the relevant worksheets and a CD with a couple of songs to learn in class beforehand.

Are the members of the company native English speakers?

All our musicians are native English speakers from Ireland, England and the USA

Can you do more than one show in a day? In that case, are discounts available?

We can do up to three shows a day with a discount on the price of the extra shows.

Ludotori Folk at Regina Carmeli Primary School